School Portrait Tips

Plan your outfit!
Avoid solid Whites and Blacks & all neon colored tops (neon colors reflect back onto the face).
Rehearse your smile. Do you want to smile with your mouth open, or closed? (Tell the photographer if you want your mouth closed, as he will automatically try to capture your natural smile). Braces can be removed for an additional fee of $25. Think of things that make you smile. A forced smile may result in a portrait you aren't happy with.
Look neat, comb or brush your hair. Make sure clothes are not wrinkled. Wear school appropriate clothes. It's best to keep your outfit simple, concentrate more on your face. Remember these portraits are for your family and they want you to look good and be happy. When it's your turn for your portrait, listen to the directions given to you by the photographer and his assistant, sit up straight.
Any notes you or your parents wish to relay to the photographer must be written or attached to the outside of the order envelope. Please fill out the order envelope completely. You must include your First and Last Name, Grade and Hr. Teacher clearly on the order envelope. Do not put your studio order envelope in any other envelope; we need to see the information on your order envelope when we take your portrait.