Dunellen Senior Port. INFO
Please read this page completely! Then go to "All Events View / Order" to find your images.

The Images with your name as the beginning of the file name are cropped and retouched (the _pp designation on this file means it has been retouched). This image is included in your thumbnail list. At least one more image is cropped, and retouched of your Cap & Gown image. The remainder of your images are not custom cropped, enhanced, or finalized at this time.
Your Yearbook selection must be: Boys in Jacket and Tie, Girls wearing the Studio Drape.

In order to guarantee holiday delivery of your finished portraits, you must order before September 1st. You may order on-line.

If you feel the retouching shown needs modification, call or email the studio before placing your order. You will be advised of possibilities and any possible added cost.


(example: Smith_Jane-1234_pp.jpg)

If you choose an alternate image that has not been cropped & finished you will have to add the $10.00 retouching fee for each alternate image ordered.
Braces removal is an additional $25.00 for each image selected. You must select this item from the price list on this site or add it to your Senior Portrait order form given to you when your portraits were taken.

Yearbook selections must be made quickly as an on-line selection or e-mailed to ReflectionsStudio.NJ@gmail.com

Senior Portrait images will be on-line for only 90 days. Personal portrait orders must be made before the images automatically delete from the web site. There will be a $10. Pre-paid fee to re-post your images after the expiration.

Minimum Print Order = $30.

If you do not select a yearbook image by September 1st, we will submit the image shown on your home page.

Only Reflections Studio images will be accepted for yearbook submission.

Your order and credit card information is safe and confidential. You can feel comfortable placing orders online. Please follow the online instructions to complete your order.